Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Media doesn�t wanna admit Linsanity is played out

Last night Jeremy Lin went 4-13, 14 points, and 7 assists in a 95-85 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. If Lin was just a player off the bench, or an unexpected starter, most would be very happy with those numbers. However, Lin�s recent performances have just been ordinary.

That doesn�t cut it to feed the Linsanity hype machine. People were so quick to anoint this point guard from Harvard with greatness. But, he really isn�t as great as the media wanted to portray him. Let�s face the truth; if Lin were White or even an African American, Linsamity would never have happened. But, since Lin is of Asian heritage coupled with New York hype, Lin had to be more.

It was never fair to the guy at all!

How could a player that 30 NBA teams took a pass on be expected to live up to mania like Linsanity? The legend of an Asian player that dropped 38 points on Kebe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers was too good for the media to pass up. However, that player was a media myth that never was what he appeared to be. He was just a player that got incredibly hot against the worst teams in the NBA and only because he�s of Asian descent that was all the media needed to pile on and add to the mirage.

The media is good for that in the same way a community organizer was qualified to become president even though he never ran a business or a state. He was from Harvard too. But, President Obama has it easier. The media can still cover for him with an approval rating in the low 40s. Jeremy Lin couldn�t fake the funk because he has to do it on the court against the best players in the world. But, a fake is still a fake.

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