Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Media not reporting it�s the Obama admin policy to keep gas prices high according to Energy secy Stephen Chu

Here�s a report out of Minnesota confirming that 77% of Super Tuesday voters said that high gas prices was their # 1 concern.

CBS Minnesota reports it might be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming presidential election. Last night, CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were an important factor in their vote. The poll reflects growing consumer anxiety as gas prices have risen nearly 50 cents a gallon in just over two months.

Consumers have been telling us they are cutting corners because for most driving is a necessity.

In Minnesota the average price is 3-58. The current national average for a gallon of regular is 3-76, but some analysts are predicting that gas could rise to $5 by the summer.

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Thus far the media is not asking President Obama anything about how his own Energy secretary feels about high gas prices.

�But for Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu, those steep prices aren�t even a concern. In fact, he says his goal is not to get the price of gasoline to go down.�

Obama hates the oil industry and doesn�t mind one bit that gas prices are high. He�s in huge trouble.

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