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Newt Gingrich: 'I am the tortoise' of the 2012 GOP Primary: But, it�s time for him to step aside.

I think the fact that Gingrich didn�t do better in the south where he is from is a big indicator that his viability is down to nil. He�s not the conservative alternative that Rick Santorum is.

The Hill reports Newt Gingrich heralded himself as the "tortoise" of the 2012 Republican primary after a strong win in Georgia � the state he represented for two decades in Congress � and pledged to fight on for the Republican presidential nomination despite an otherwise poor showing in the Super Tuesday contests.

"There are lots of bunny rabbits who run through � I am the tortoise. I just take one step at a time," Gingrich told a crowd of supporters in Atlanta.

Video here

If Newt really cared about a true conservative being the GOP nominee, then help Santorum be that guy and step aside with some class.

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