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No Christmas for Fox News from Rick Santorum: Accuses FNC of �shilling� for Mitt Romney

Oh no Rick, tell me you didn�t go there!

I�ve been kinda advocating for Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney because I believe in the Reagan motto that says to offer up bold colors instead of an echo as the GOP nominee. But, having said that I think Rick may have crossed a line that may hurt him with voters just enough to make a difference.

Daily Caller reports on Tuesday�s �Kilmeade & Friends� radio show on Fox News Radio, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, accused Fox News of being in the tank for his competitor, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Santorum made that claim as part of a larger point, that despite having a lot of things in his favor Romney has been unable to seal the deal.

�The man has had a 10-to-1 money advantage,� Santorum said. �He�s had all the organizational advantage. He�s had Fox News shilling for him every day, no offense Brian but I see it. And yet, he can�t close � he can�t seal the deal because he just doesn�t have the goods to be able to motivate the Republican base and win this election.�

Host Brian Kilmeade rejected Santorum�s charge and said that Santorum has been given the opportunity to appear on FNC as much as Romney.

�On Fox News shilling for Mitt Romney, I totally disagree with that,� Kilmeade said. �You can feel the way you want. I�m just telling you there�s no way I agree with that and you�ve been on as much as anyone.�

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I think Fox has given each candidate, even Ron Paul, a fair shake. Some Fox personalities may have a preference for Romney like the Republican electro rate in general. But shilling? I don�t see it.

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