Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Obama�s approval rating sinks ans gas prices rise: Media still not reporting high gas prices is Obama policy.

In one of the most blatant examples of carrying the presidents water, the media isn�t reminding the public (in Bush-style coverage) that gas prices are up more than 67% since he became president and that Energy Secretary Steven Chu admitted that high gas prices is his goal for weaning Americans of oil.  This is another example of media malpractice. 
ABC News reports more than half of Americans for the first time expect Barack Obama to be re-elected � but that won�t make it easy: Even as expectations have moved his way, rising gas prices have dented the president�s rating on handling the economy, his overall job approval has slipped back under 50 percent and he�s reverted to a dead heat in public preferences against Mitt Romney.
The results of the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll mark two political realities: One, the sharp division of public attitudes for and against Obama, with continued greater intensity of sentiment among his critics. And two, the damaging political effects of rising gasoline prices, which have surpassed the federal budget deficit as Obama�s single weakest issue.
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This is exactly why Americans don�t trusted anything the media says when commenting on Obama. 

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