Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Romney squeaks by in Ohio and 5 other Super Tuesday states and Conservatives still not happy

Mitt Romney is spending a hell of a lot of many and still can�t close the deal with the GOP base.

FOX News reports Mitt Romney walked away the Super Tuesday winner, after building his delegate lead with victories in six states and pulling off the headline-grabber of the night -- Ohio.

The former Massachusetts governor narrowly edged out Rick Santorum to take the Buckeye State, a vital general election battleground which was considered the Super Tuesday prize both for its delegates and bragging rights.

Santorum, though, claimed victories in three states. Newt Gingrich won one state, his home of state of Georgia, by a double-digit margin. Ron Paul did not win any of the contests.

Far from a decisive election night, the Super Tuesday results ensure the protracted and unpredictable GOP primary contest will press onward, as the candidates head next into a set of southern, western and midwestern states

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Romney still has to find a way to electrify conservatives.

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