Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Ruined: Residents look over the remains of an 110 year old St Joseph's Catholic Church in Ridgeway, Illinois

I found this photo of this church over act Gateway Pundit and it finally got to me. I don�t know what to say about the tornados that have devastated parts of the MidWest. And I can�t even put myself in the shoes of the people affected who have lost their loved ones and their homers. But, I was lifted by an elderly couple I saw this morning on NBC who said, �Things can be replaced, you can�t replace people.� I needed to hear that!

Daily Mail reports and photos here

*Little girl is in critical condition in hospital
� Four-year-old Davlin Terry Jackson ripped from his mother's arms by the wind did not survive
� 83-year-old woman whose body was washed into a creek died after she tried to take shelter in a drainage pipe
� Deadliest tornado outbreak in Mid-west in forty years
* Homes destroyed across Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama with nine state affected
� Desperate search for survivors continues as southeast braces for tornadoes

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