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Sen. Majority leader Harry Reid: Keystone Pipeline won�t lower gas prices and not produce many jobs

Gas prices have gone up 67% since Obama became president.  And although the Obama-suck media is doing their best to ignore and not reports Americas outrage, Democrats are in huge trouble because Obama wants high gas prices to get America off oil.  
The Hill reports Republican claims about the benefits of the Keystone XL oil pipeline are greatly overblown, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Sunday.
"It won't lower the price of oil. Construction won't be complete for a long, long time," Reid said during an interview on CNN�s State of the Union, referring to the proposed Alberta, Canada, to Texas pipeline. "And under the way it's constructed now, all the oil would be sold elsewhere. We can't have that. When I say elsewhere, I mean to some other country."
Reid also pointed to what he said were �many exaggerations about tens of thousands of jobs.�
The majority leader�s comments come just days after the Senate narrowly defeated a GOP-backed measure to green-light the pipeline. Republicans have vowed to continue pushing the project.
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Bottom Line: President Obama and the Democrats own high gas prices because they don�t believe in oil-period.  That�s why they�ve spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money on unviable alternatives like wind and solar.  They�re offering thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to subsidize the sale of the electric Chevy Volt that nobody wants to buy.    
Democrats are capital �C� clueless when it comes to energy policy.  But, they�re very shrewd at giving billions of taxpayer dollars to big time contributors of the Democrat Party.   

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