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Thomas Sowell peals the onion on Derrick Bell

The Leftwing protectors of Barack Obama were out in force to explain away the revelation that Barack Obama has a mentor  in Harvard, Prof Derrick Bell

For example here's Media Matters sarky defense of Obama

Yesterday, the Breitbart empire stepped up to the plate, called their shot, swung, missed, hit themselves in the face with the bat, then took a triumphant trot around the bases as spectators looked on with piteous and mocking wonder.

Hug-gate, as it quickly came to be called, was the big story the Breitbart people had been teasing for weeks now -- a videotaped hug between then-Harvard Law student Barack Obama and the late Harvard professor Derrick Bell at a 1991 protest supporting Bell's push to have a woman of color offered tenure at the school. Why the controversy? Because Bell, per the Breitbart indictment, is a dangerous radical who, in the act of pressing his body to the young Obama's, imparted to him all the insane radicalism that now animates the moderate liberal currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

More here

Here they circle the wagons at CNN.

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However, the Right Scoop released this video of famed conservative professor Dr. Thomas Sowell who peals back the onion on the radical Derrick Bell.  

The Right Scoop reports great video picked up by the Breitbart crew in the vetting of Barack Obama. Sowell, in this video, describes how Bell didn�t just want Harvard to hire a black woman, but a black woman who didn�t �think white�. In other words, it was more about ideology than skin color.

As Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains on twitter, the idea of Critical Race Theory means �Merit-based is wrong. Color-blind is wrong. (Non-white) Racial supremacy is right.�
And this radical view is what Barack Obama decided to take a stand for at Harvard. Wow.

See interview here
The vetting continues.....

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