Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

BUMPED: President Obama needs to cut all ties with Homosexual columnist Dan Savage

If President Obama is a real Christian he needs publically repudiate Homosexual columnist Dan Savage for calling the Bible bullshit.  In addition to that Savage needs to be removed from any association with the Obama White House.  
I hope other conservative bloggers pick this up!  
Red State reports Dan Savage is a gay activist and founder of the �It Gets Better� Project.  He has extensive ties with the Obama Administration and is a frequent visitor to the White House.  Recently at a high school journalism conference, Savage, after making reference to just having sex with his male partner,  launched a profanity laced attack upon the Bible and Christianity.  He mentioned that regarding homosexuality, �we can learn to ignore the bulls***� contained in the Bible.  He then went on to elaborate [erroneously] on how the Bible endorsed slavery and the honor killing of women who lose their virginity before marriage.  He then intimated that the GOP would like to see both slavery and honor killings restored.  He closed his attack by referring to the Christian students who walked out of his screed as �pansy-assed
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Savage needs to go!

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