Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Jehmu Greene calls Tucker Carlson a �bow-tying white boy� in defending Elizabeth Warren on Fox

Liberal Debate tactic 101: When you�re losing a debate,(which happens all the time by the way) call your opponent a derogatory name.
The Right Scoop reports I really despise seeing Jehum Greene on Fox News, so much so that I often turn the channel or just mute it when she�s on. But that would have been a bad idea today because Greene actually called Tucker Carlson a �bow-tying white boy� in her comments on-air defending Elizabeth Warren�s credentials, suggesting that criticizing the Warren over her credentials would appeal to �bow-tying white boy� voters like Tucker.
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Liberals can never win a debate on the merits and that is why sooner or later they go into CSI mode and stear the debate away from the matter being discussed.  
Censor what your opponent is saying
Smear your opponent at every occasion.
Intimidate your opponent at all times.   
What would have been the reaction by the main stream media if Tucker Carlson called Jehmu Green a �chicken eating black girl�?

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