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Minnesota Girl, Rachel Ehmke, 13, hangs herself after months of bullying girls who scrawled 'slut' on her school locker

This is extremely sad because it�s all so unnecessary. Bullying will always be with us because we have too many horrible parents around. In the meantime, good parents have to learn to raise tougher kids. I was bullied for a short time until I smacked my tormentor in the mouth. After that, I was never bullied again because I was no longer an easy mark.

Is that such a hard lesson to pass on today?

Daily Mail reports a 13-year-old girl hanged herself after being bullied at school for months by a group of 'mean girls' who tormented her with names and threats of violence.

Seventh grader Rachel Ehmke killed herself after what her parents said were months of abuse at her Kasson, Minnesota middle school.

Her tormentors put chewing gum in her schoolbooks and wrote the word 'slut' across her locker - even though she had never kissed a boy.

With another girl, she was cornered in the locker room by a 'clique' of girls who then threatened her.

And days before she took her life, an anonymous text message was sent out to other students at the school calling Rachel a 'slut' who needed to be forced out of the school.

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