Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Mitt Romney calls out Obama for shutting down voucher program that sent African American students to better performing private schools

Finally, a GOPer has made an issue of how Democrats are beholden to Teacher�s unions money over the interests of their own constituents children getting better educations.
Washington Times reports Mitt Romney said Wednesday that it was �inexcusable� for President Obama to try to shut down the District�s federally backed voucher pilot program that has sent thousands of the city�s students to private schools.
The Opportunity Scholarship Program, which falls under the direct jurisdiction of Congress, has been politically contentious from the start, with the powerful teachers unions opposing them but parents overwhelmingly backing them.
�The president shut that down, his party shut that down,� said Mr. Romney while campaigning at a small business in Chantilly, Va.
The Romney camp said the former Massachusetts governor is a supporter of the D.C. program in particular, and giving parents school choice more broadly.
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Here�s is the bottom line:
The Democrat Party don�t give a rip about failing inner city schools that keep poor African Americans and Latinos locked in with sub par education opportunities. 
1.  The money from Teachers Union still keep rolling into their coffers
2.  Subpar education for minorities is exactly what the Democrat want to keep people dependent on government
Every failing public school in the country is controlled by Democrats.  It�s no coincidence that nothing has changed for over 50 years.   
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