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Obama and Dan Savage, more than just friends

President Obama has a Dan Savage problem and he doesn�t realize it yet.  The media is doing all it can suppress the recent hateful comments Dan Savage made about the Bible.  But, this story is not gonna die and I suspect that around election time it will explode if the president continues his association with Dan Savage.  
Big Hollywood reports President Obama�s administration has embraced Dan Savage over and over and over again. He�s their chosen anti-bullying expert, invited to the White House, feted with links on the White House page, directed traffic by the highest and the mightiest in American government.
And yet he�s also the biggest bully in American politics, as we�ve shown over and over and over and over again.
That�s to be expected. After all, this is an administration that bullies on a regular basis.
Barack Obama is a Chicago thug who threatened during 2008, �If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.� Obama surrounded himself with the worst sort of hatchet men � guys like Rahm Emanuel, who sent dead fish to political opponents and reportedly accosted unfriendly Congressmen naked in the House showers; people like Van Jones, who suggested that Republicans were �a**holes,� and that the Bush Administration �may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen�; people like Robert Gibbs, who said that Obama would have to put his foot on the neck of British Petroleum; people like Eric Holder, who have allowed groups like the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters. During the 2012 campaign, Obama ratcheted it up -- as one aide reported, Obama was �putting the bully in bully pulpit.�
And he opened the White House to other bullies. Andrew Sullivan, the former gay conservative journalist turned radical, suggested that Sarah Palin didn�t give birth to her own child, Trig � and for that, Sullivan earned a White House invitation to a State Dinner with Great Britain. Louis C.K. -- the monotone comedian most famous for tweeting, �I want to rub my father�s c*** all over Sarah Palin�s fat t***� � went to the White House, too, and visited with White House speechwriter Jonathan Favreau. Whoopi Goldberg, who once stated that Roman Polanski�s rape of an underage girl wasn�t �rape-rape,� went to the White House twice and ran a fundraiser for Obama. Joy Behar of The View also got to visit the White House � well after she had called Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle a �b****,� of course. Obama accepted $1 million from once-humorous jester dwarf Bill Maher, who called Sarah Palin a �c***.�
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