Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Obama-suck media fussing about Ann Romney�s $1,000 skirt and ignores Michelle Obama�s pricey wardrobe

ABC News reports the fashion house that makes the nearly $1,000 blouse worn by Ann Romney on morning television earlier this week tells ABC News that they had nothing to do with the wardrobe choice, remarking that they�d prefer to stay out of politics.

�We had nothing to do with it,� a rep for designer Reed Krakoff said. �She must have bought it from Saks or Bergdorf�s, we definitely didn�t send it to her.�

�It�s 100 percent a Reed Krakoff shirt, but we 100 percent didn�t send it to her,� the rep added. �We don�t get involved politically.�

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So what Ann Romney wears a $1,000 skirt? Is the Obama-media trying to suggest the Romney�s are, gasp, out of touch with the American people?

Then Michelle Obama is just as much out of touch if we go how expensive her clothes are:
$50,000 Michelle Obama spent on lingerie

$540 sneakers

$2000 dress and $1,000 skirt

Let�s get off this out of touch line of attack because it�s pretty feeble.

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