Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Oh Brother, Lefties are dusting off �swiftboat� attacks on President Obama for hogging all the credit for the OBL kill

Liberals expects the country to fawn over President Obama for having the guts to tell the best military fighting force in the history of mankind to, �Go ahead, take him out!�

Yes, we can all agree that Obama deserves credit for making the call. But, is that going to fill anybody�s gas tank, or give somebody a job?
It�s ain�t!
Buzz Feed reports in the wake of a warm conservative reception for a web video trashing the president for �spiking the football� on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden�s death, the conservative group Veterans for a Strong America plans to gather Navy SEALs and Special Forces operators to criticize the White House during the 2012 campaign.

�We�re looking to [put together] a coalition, to field SEALs and operators that want to come out publicly,� executive director of Veterans for a Strong America, Joel Arends, tells BuzzFeed. �I�ve had a lot of discussions with former SEALs and current SEALs. I�ve been talking to operators in the community. There is palatable discontent.�

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When Election Day rolls around and a voter is a the polls, here�s the key question:

�Do I want four more years of this?�

I suspect a majority of the American people will say, �no� and send President Obama back to Chicago.

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