Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

State run media hounding Romney about Grenell, but let�s Obama slide over Dan Savage calling the Bible Bullshit

The media is Johnny on the spot muddying the Mitt Romney camp for the recent resignation of a Gay staffer. What better way to create a wedge issue for the GOP and Independent voters?

A few weeks ago Dan Savage made these hateful comments about the Bible in front of an audience of high school students. 

Mr. Savage heads up Barack Obama�s national anti-bullying campaign and to this day has not publically repudiated his comments that have offended millions of Christians in the United States.

So, it seems our President has no problem with an association of his administration being very vulgar about Christianity�s scared book. Would he be just as passive if Mr. Savage made such comment about the Quran?

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