Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Former Catholic college student Lindsay Blankmeyer sues school after they refused to move out her SEX-CRAZED roommate

Maybe her roommate was related to Sandra Fluke?

Daily Mail reports a former student at a Roman Catholic college has filed a lawsuit against the school, after ending up with a sex-crazed roommate who she says repeatedly made love with her boyfriend in their shared room.

Lindsay Blankmeyer, 21, claims the college in Easton, Massachusetts didn't do enough to help her when she complained about her roommate's overactive sex-life.  

Blankmeyer suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder before she enrolled at Stonehill College, the lawsuit alleges, but was driven into a suicidal depression after school officials failed to offer her reasonable alternative accommodation.

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I graduated from a Catholic university 26 years ago and there wasn�t sex like this going on. Geez!

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