Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

The Legend of Susan/Sandra Fluke Warrior Princess on a mission to make America pay for birth control

I found this pic and headline over at Bungalow Bill and I couldn�t stop laughing.

Susan Fluke: "Not Tonight, The Government Has Yet to Force Someone to Pay for my Birth Control"

I�m really enjoying how the Left is outraged at Rush Limbaugh for correctly calling out the absurdity of Liberals who think contraception is supposed to be a new entitlement.

How does that work exactly?

If Sandra Fluke and her law school cohorts are going bankrupt because they�re having so much sex, then why not have a sex budget? You know cut down on the copulation thing to make that contraception dollar stretch farther. Or maybe she should sell her IPhone or IIPad for some sex cash. Or better yet maybe she can�t really afford an IPhone or an IPad and have bank account busting sex. Where are her priorities�? Is it too much to ask Susan to take some responsibility for her sex life without asking for a permanent government bailout?

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