Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Obama economy improving? Stocks Drop for Third Day on Slowing Economy

Unless Obama has operatives in Wall Street like he does at the Dept of Labor manipulating the unemployment rate, this may be something he may wanna consider.
Bloomberg reports stocks (MXWD) fell for a third day, the longest stretch in two months, and commodities retreated while the yen strengthened as concern mounted the global economy is slowing. Spanish bonds declined and U.S. Treasuries gained.
The MSCI All-Country World Index (MXWD) lost 0.9 percent at 6:05 a.m. in New York. Standard & Poor�s 500 Index futures slipped 0.8 percent. The yen appreciated against all 16 of its most- traded peers, climbing 0.7 percent versus the dollar. The yield on the Spanish 10-year bond rose nine basis points, with the similar-maturity U.S.
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The stock market has always been a leading indicator of future economic activity.  If the economy is going south, it�ll happen there first.   

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