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UPDATE BUMPED:Clintonistq group Think Progress asks: Who still advertising with Rush? But, Limbaugh turns down millions in advertising.

Sinister liberal group Think Progress is still on a mission to intimidate Rush Limbaugh�s remaining advertising in their quest to silent opposition to out-of-control Liberalism.   It�s no longer about Rush and Sandra Fluke.  It�s about the Constitution-hating Left wanting to discourage free speech. 
Think Progress: After his relentless three day assault on law student Sandra Fluke, nine advertisers have dropped Rush Limbaugh�s show, including Tax Resolution and AOL just today. But a couple of advertisers are sticking by him, for now.
Here are the companies that ThinkProgress has been able to confirm are still advertising with Rush:
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It�s ironic how Liberals hate Liberty, isn�t it?  Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that he turns down millions of dollars in advertising; General Motors is one of them.  With an audience of 25 million listeners, there won�t be a shortage of replacement advertisers itching for access to that market.  Additionally, this seek and destroy boycott goes two ways.  A lot of these companies that attained Rush listeners as new customers will be in for a rude awakening when these clients pull their business.    

Speech assassins Think Progress gleefully announced  Netflix Becomes 30th Advertiser To Drop Limbaugh.  It would be helpful if TP would make public the total number of advertisers Rush Limbaugh had in the first so we can figure out the percentage of total advertisers lost.   In addition to that TP can also make public the number of new advertisers Rush is signing  up.  Let me email Podesta. 

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