Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Why is the Left so afraid of President Obama receiving a GOP-style vetting?

When the National Enquirer ran a front page article alleging Barack Obama had an affair with a campaign worker named Vera Baker, did the media do a Herman Cain/Newt Gingrich-style investigation to ferret out the anonymous sources involved in that story? Did they hunt down Vera Baker with an army of reporters?

The answer is no.
When Barack Obama said that the Muslin morning calls to prayer are the most beautiful sound on earth, did the media jump and perform a Rick Santorum-style search for what Obama meant?

The answer is no.

I could pose a lot of other questions and attach a conservative name to it to underscore how the media purposely did not vet Barack Obama in a manner every other presidential candidate has received in the history of the Republic. Millions of Americans are still very ticked about that and that�s the reason why the main stream media has so little credibility today. I wouldn�t believe the media if they told me water was wet.

Thanks to Andrew Breitbart we have new videos and information examining just who was Barack Obama in his youth at Harvard and maybe it can give us an insight as to who he is today and why. So what does the media do? Do they seek information to inform the electorate?

Hell no!

They�re too busy explaining away what the videos don�t mean, or how Prof Derrick Bell was a distinguished faculty member from Harvard, the first African American to be so. A radical? No, he�s distinguished and that�s all that needs to be said. Daja vu anybody?

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