Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Worst parents on earth Ariel and Deborah Levy : Couple sues health center for 'wrongful birth' of daughter born with Down syndrome after 'botched testing: Would have aborted

I�m sorry but I feel life is a gift from God and no matter if a baby is normal or not so be it!

Daily Mail reports a couple is suing a health center for 'wrongful birth' after a prenatal test intended to pick up whether a foetus has Down syndrome failed - and their daughter was born with the condition.

Ariel and Deborah Levy, from Portland, Oregon, who have two other children, said in a lawsuit they would have aborted their daughter Kalanit - who is now four - if they had known.

They are suing Legacy Health in North Portland, which they claim conducted a botched test, for $3 million - the amount they believe they will have to pay over Kalanit's lifetime for her care.

This couple should be ashamed for not getting a chance to kill an unborn child. These are wretched selfish people.

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