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Sandra Fluke Files: California Girl Scout leader Ana Isabel Juarez 'stole $6,000 cookie money and blew it on gas, manicures and Victoria�s Secret'

I decided to add this story to the Sandra Fluke Files even though it doesn�t involve a women sleeping with a minor. If anyone can come up with a name for these types of stories, please chime in.

Daily Mail reports a Girl Scouts troop leader has been arrested after caught with her hand in the cookie jar, allegedly stealing thousands of dollars in the girls' fundraising.

Ana Isabel Juarez, 30, of South El Monte, California, was arrested last month after more than $4,000 in money raised by her troop's girls went missing. Another $2,000 is also missing, Girl Scouts officials said.

The profits raised by the nine elementary school-aged girls over a one month period, were nearly depleted after found spent with the troop's debit card between September and March of this year.

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Maybe Isabek should try the Boy Scouts?  She has the balls for it. 

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