Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Video: 1.8 billion free Govt cell phones riddled with abuse and corruption at taxpayers� expense

Nice of Hot Air to catch up to a story I wrote about a year ago.  I screamed about the Obama regime hooking up his base with free cell phone as a way to buy votes and you and me are footing the bill. 
Hot Air reports Say � how�d you like to get a free cellphone?  No strings attached, no contracts, and no payments ever.  Don�t stop at one phone, either � get two, three, five, ten, twenty or more!  The cost is covered by people who are dumb enough to pay for their own cell phones � like you and me.  We�ve been doing it for a decade or more, and it�s now costing us over a billion dollars a year, as Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) argues as he fights to bring the program to a halt:

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